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Input Device Basics (Make Your G9/13/Naga Work for You)

A lot of people are considering getting new input devices to assist them in playing MMOs. Deciding whether to buy one is an interesting topic, however this post covers what to do once you own one.

Program Me to Your Leader

The key thing to remember is that the device is supposed to work for you, not the other way around. So be careful using other people’s setups: the device needs to respond to your playstyle, your ergonomics, your desktop setup, and your games — don’t let the device dictate to you what is important and what isn’t.

I use a G9 Laser Mouse and a G13 gaming keypad, so these notes are focused on those two devices, but the principles apply to any alternative keyboard or mouse.

First Principles

Here are the principles I used to decide which buttons get mapped to what. The most important considerations are:

  • Comfort: Weapon skills go to the “home” row — that’s the location that feels the most natural to my hands. By default, it’s the G8 row (LG13) & the “06” row (N52).
  • Separation of powers: Mouse is for movement and targeting; keypad is for skills.
  • Combat vs not: 99% of combat doesn’t require the panels (chat, inventory, …), so those go to a different “key state” or “shift state.”
  • Comfort 2: All skills are in a comfortable location for my hand (no stretching); all skills are in a sensible location to my brain, i.e. don’t make me think too hard to remember if I don’t use it for a month.
  • Sense & sensibility: Set the bindings on the keyboard first, then setup the keypad (e.g. if you do something funky with your keyboard, like RSDF instead of WASD, stick to that — don’t try to learn two new setups).

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