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Our goal at Sopa de Pichon is to invest less effort in having more fun, a min-max approach to spending our limited leisure time. Most gaming sites focus on min-maxing traits and statistics, to create an optimized character for causing damage, supporting others, or controlling foes. Our goal here is different: we want to have fun, and often that means sacrificing mechanical efficiency to play something with greater entertainment value.

For example, in most games, it’s economically more efficient to increase storage capacity by purchasing new character slots or new accounts. However, it’s tedious to keep track of what is stored where, so a lot of players will spend more to increase the size of their bank instead. Accordingly, we’ll present both data and commentary to make it easier for you to choose between efficiency and enjoyment. Since plenty of sites focus on mechanical efficiency, we’ll tend to emphasize enjoyment efficiency.

Sopa De Pichon is a song by Machito, the grandfather of Cubop. Literally, it refers to Pigeon Soup, but it’s an inside joke for puertorriqueños too poor to afford something better. It has no special relationship to gaming, efficiency, or gaming efficiency. It’s just fun.


Posted 5 April 2013 by Jez

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