Reddit &tc Roundup, 23 March 2013

A summary of posts I found of interest, mostly from the GW2 subreddit, but sometimes, from elsewhere, too.

Link Category Notes
Where Can I Find Ambient Creatures Achievements
OP wants to get 5,000 kills for shield, nigh impossible in a real fight, but trivial (and boring+grindy) against critters.
Best Texture Filtering != 16x Anisotropic GFX For Nvidia users, go to your control panel, open up Guild Wars 2, set anisotropic filtering to 16x. Watch as your distant textures become clear and detailed.Disable “best texture filtering” in game. On my card, it is not a noticeable performance hit, since for some reason the in-game texture filtering uses more power than it should.
Profession Overview Build Theory One-sentence reviews of the eight profs.
Which is correct?Moa? or Moa Bird? Jargon One moa example of how ANet doesn’t follow its own naming conventions.
T6 Material Farming Routes Farming While I think it’s far more efficient to farm gold and buy stuff on the TP, if you prefer living off the land to participating in the global economy, this guide’s for you.
Results from 2,069 Orrian Jewel Boxes Farming OP spent over 3 million karma and earned less than 4 silver of wealth equivalency per 1,000 karma. (He had the max amount of karma boosts, more than most of us have access to.)
Alternative Dragon/Boss Timer Events An alternative to the Guild Wars Temple Dragon/Boss timer.
Should You Balance Stats on Gear? Build Theory “I’m asking is whether it’s usually a huge benefit to go with a full set or mix and match.” A lot of different answers.
31 Days of Sales Shopping OP updates the list of the one item on sale each day of March. Today (Saturday), it’s BL Keys: 72 each, if bought in bundles of five (usually 90 each for five or 125 each). Still 1.4 gold, so Key Running is still a better deal.
Guild Bounty Tracking Tool G-Mish If nothing else, a nice list of the bounties.
Where to Spend “Extra” Karma? Economy “Anyone have any suggestions on using karma that will benefit your main character or your account as a whole?”
Confusion Mesmer Builds Builds “i’d like to have a build that allows me to not be super squishy (main goal), while also dealing fair amounts of dmg when you add offensive traits/gear at the right spots (second goal). Also I dont mind it being hard but rewarding and fun to play.”
D/D Eelementalst Builds Daphoenix’s guide is the “go-to” build for double-dagger elementalist.
Engineering Support Builds “This build focuses around the healing bombs trait, waterfields with blast finishers, and the recently extremely buffed Super Elixer ability, which was buffed a ton in the last patch to scale twice as much as it used to with healing power, and have a much stronger impact heal.”It definately [sic] out heals my gaurdian and maybe even ele, which surprised me alot. I’d have to say engineer healing is one of the best in game, and everytime I’m in a fractal/dungeon group it seems to just run better more times that not compared to my dps warrior.”
How Much Toughness + Vitality is “Enough?” Build Theory “For a damage build, is there a good way to know how much defense is enough such that I can survive sufficiently without significantly gimping my damage output?”Is there some benchmark on what values are good to have for level 80 dungeons and fractals?”
How to Toggle-on Mouse-turning (Instead of Using Right-Click) Alternative Keybinding tl;dr: use a third party program, e.g. Combat Mode
Hammer Guardian Tweaks Builds Starting with Strife’s AH/Crit build, what tweaks do people make for tougher content?
Dulfy on Guild Rush G-Mish Discussion. This guide is also on her website.
Do the New World Chest Pinatas Make Magic Find Irrelevant? Economy Another “does Magic Find work” analysis, based on misunderstanding what MF does (and does not do) and non-systematic testing. Plus, the usual “Magic Find is selfish and shouldn’t be in the game” rant. Despite that, some useful points made.
How to Turn Karma into Gold Making Money Another discussion about how to convert unneeded karma into coin. (Generally, best use is to get exotic armor and trinkets.)
How to Turn Skill Points into Gold Making Money You can also turn unused Skill Points into gold. One site is awesome for this:
Public Guild Missions G-Mish A few guilds have formed or evolved to invite people who just want to do the mish (and earn the rewards). You rep for the 1-2 hrs required to complete the mish, then go back to your home guild.
List of World-specific Websites Tools A list of per-server websites. Tarnished Coast:
T6 Material Decline? Economy OP claims, “T6 materials are declining in supply at an extraordinary pace.” Another misunderstanding of how global economies work, but also an interesting discussion.
John Smith on How the Economy Works Economy I keep saying that people misunderstand how the GW2 economy works (and is supposed to work). So here’s John Smith, the economist ANet hired to make it work, describing what is supposed to happen.
Three Elementalist Builds Builds Even the tl;dr on this is too-long/hard-to-read. However, some interesting ideas. Worth a look.
Mesmer Fractal Build Builds “I REALLY like playing my mes and I really like fractals. HELP ME BRING THEM TOGETHER!”
What is Mesmer Supposed to do in CoF/1? Dungeons “I’ve run a good amount of dungeons on various characters, but i’m trying to pick my mesmer up, and specifically gear it out w/ CoF armor. I have no real intention of farming CoF speed runs, but i want to make sure that – if there is something that i’m really expected to be doing, that i do it.”
Robert Hrouda on Pets Builds Robert Hrouda is one of the game designers, working on dungeons and (apparently) plays ranger a lot. He’s working on the next set of Ranger improvements. Recently, he’s done a lot of outreach to community on the official forums. The most interesting threads are:

Conditionmancer Builds Lopez IRL’s comprehensive guide for condition-based necro (for just the build: here). Links on the page to a WvW variation.
Fractal GuideDulfy’s guide. Guide Lopez IRL again. The guide has notes for a conditionmancer, but it’s generic — suitable for anyone. Discussion.And a link to Dulfy’s guide.

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