Storage Capacity

You start off with a mere 20-slots of personal storage and 30-slots of non-specialized bank storage. There are several ways to increase your capacity in Guild Wars 2, but the most economical choices are to craft or buy new bags for your character and designate your unused characters as storage toons.

Without spending gems, this allows you to hold up to:

  • 60 slots for your main toon (increase to 100 if you spend 40 gold)
  • 30 items in your bank.
  • 240-400 items across four storage toons. (the higher amount requires spending 160 gold)

If you decide to spend gems, expect to spend:

  • 10 gems/slot (~$0.13/slot) — new toons with storage bags that require runes that cost 10 gold/bag.
  • 13 gems/slot (~$0.16/slot) — new toons that use the cheaper bags.
  • 20 gems/slot (~$0.25/slot) — adding new bank tabs (30 slots each)

You could also buy a new account (US$60), which would generate 300 slots (without significant coin), i.e. $0.20/slot.

Methods for Increasing Capacity

Personal inventory:

  1. Improve the capacity of your bags (cheap bags hold four items; it’s easy to craft 8-slot bags; 20-slot bags are possible, but the required runs cost 10 gold per bag).
  2. Spend gems to add new bag slots. (You start with four; you can buy three more.)

Account inventory:

  1. Spend gems to add new tabs (30 slots each, you can buy six more).
  2. Create a storage toon (from among your original five slots).
  3. Spend gems to create new toons (ANet has not mentioned a character/account cap yet).

Gem Costs

Updated to include dollar costs, assuming 400 gems = US$5 (lop off 20% for BPS, assuming £4/400 gems).

  • Bank storage: 600 gems ($7.50) for each 30-slot tab (20 gems/slot).

    Maximum: 3600 gems ($45.00) for 180 new slots.

  • Personal storage: 400 gems ($5.00) for each new bag slot (which might hold 20 items, if you spend 10 gold for the rune or 8 items early on).

    Maximum: 1600 gems/character ($20.00) for 32 slots (Day 1) to 80 slots (after spending at least 40 gold/toon).

  • Storage toons: 800 gems/character ($10.00), which adds 52 cheap slots (20 + 4*8) or 100 later-on slots (20 + 4*20). (After which, you have to start spending gems again.)

Posted 25 July 2012 by Jez in Guides

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