GW2 Basics


Glossary of new terms

  • Soulbound are items that can only be used by the character (in GW1, this is called customization).
  • Waypoints are teleport destinations. In town, they are free; elsewhere they cost coin. (If you use them for dungeons, you can return to a dungeon without having to restart).
  • Equipment AKA kit is anything you can equip: Armor, Weapons, Accessories.
  • Transmutation allows you to merge similar items so you can move the awesome stats from the ugly weapon the cool-looking one (works for any kit)
  • Sigils are kit upgrades.


GW2 uses five types of Currency and tokens:

  • Coins are cash 1 Gold = 100 Silver = 10,000 Bronze, so the conversions are easy (500 Bronze = 5 silver, …); can be traded.
  • Gems are how ANet converts RL cash into something to spend in-game; they can be bought/sold at the Trading Post.
  • Glory is earned in and spent on personal PvP consumables and kit; non-tradeable.
  • Influence is the money that guilds need to buy improvements and in-game buffs. The more guildies online and playing together, the faster it accumulates; non-tradeable.
  • Karma is a method of rewarding you for participating in events/personal stories (sort of like freely-spendable quest rewards); non-tradeable.
  • Tokens are dungeon reward coupons, i.e. you earn them for completing a dungeon and can trade them for an item you choose.


  • Inventory starts off with a 20-slot starter backpack and four slots for bags (these can be bought or crafted). You can buy more slots with Gems (per character).
  • You can’t easily trade between individual players. Instead, there’s a huge auction house: Black Lion Trading Company. It’s awesome and worth its own article (or five).
  • The game has a substantial Crafting system which isn’t entirely documented (yet?) on the wiki. (This, too, is worth it’s own guide.)

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